Meet the DigiChamps

Justyna Lisinska – PhD Web Science 

“Hi everyone, I am Justyna Lisinska and I run the DigiChamps. I am naturally passionate about different projects that make a change in people’s lives or they make an impact in society as a whole. It is not surprising then that when I heard that DigiChamps need a new leader, I signed up without giving too much thought about it. In the past, I was actively involved in running with friends a local branch of AIESEC, I co-organised IX Congress of Polish Student Societies at the University of Leicester, I initiated, designed and secured funding for the internships for students in SMEs. Having worked previously as a freelancer, I have also vast experience in marketing- related tasks. I am currently a PhD student in Web Science, looking at technology use in relation to politics. “


Sofia Kitromili – PhD Web Science

“Born a pink sheep in my family I was destined to divide my attention between the realms of Computer Science, English Literature and baking! When I am not baking I am Phding my way to a Web Science degree which is looking into authoring digital interactive narratives. I love writing so much I decided to dedicate a PhD about it. It was either that or baking. Among other things, I am also the manager and content owner behind the DigiChamps blog, responsible to put the creativity of all the lovely DigiChamps in one place. Just to put it out there, I also really like the color pink.” 


Jingwen Ye – MSc Digital Marketing

“I am a passionate New Media Operator, Creative Marketer and have working experiences as an intern in the fields of media and internet companies in China. I am currently studying for an MSc in Digital Marketing at the University of Southampton and I enjoy learning new things and challenges.”


Yin Yuan – MSc Digital Marketing

“I always loved writing since I was a little girl, then I have discovered my passion for marketing during the undergraduate period. I consider marketing as an art about balancing commerce and life, and social media as art about balancing communication and presentation. I would love to be an artist and have fun, that’s why I want to join the Digichamps.”



Shu Yu Chang (Erica) – MSc Digital Marketing

“It’s my pleasure to join DiGiChamaps. I had few years working experience before I went aboard to study MSc Digital Marketing. There are two things attractive to me most in Marketing filed: Creative thinking and meeting various people. DiGiChamps is great networking at the University of Southampton that allow me to keep doing the things I love. I enjoy participating in different events held by WSI and writing the content and live-twitting for it. It was not only about gaining experience, but it’s also about learning and obtaining knowledge with WSI. “


Ian Coombs – iPhD Web Science and Education

“I am in the first year of iPhD research looking into what young teenagers would like to understand about social media. Much formal teaching about social media in school is a response to national priorities on security and privacy.  These are important themes, yet there is far broader knowledge that would benefit teenagers than responses to moral panics. Before coming to the University, I worked in Southampton and Hampshire secondary schools as a teacher of Geography and then ICT.  I finished my teaching career as a school leader.”



Ben Giordano – PhD Web Science

‘What I particularly like about the Digichamps programme is that it takes you to previously unknown parts of the university, to discover new departments, people, places and ideas. I was born in Manchester, spent my childhood in America, teenage and university years in London, before moving to Prague after I finished my undergraduate degree. Being in Southampton, Digichamps provides a sense of discovery I value greatly – finding the nooks and crannies of an ever expanding university – and helping various departments and people navigate the digital landscape to maximise their research visibility’.


Parth Awasthi – MSc Digital Marketing

“After completing my undergraduate programme I decided to pursue an MSc in Digital Marketing in the UK, as the online world and social media has always interested me. I chose the University of Southampton because it is one of the top universities offering this exciting course. My experience in this country has been nothing short of wonderful. Meeting people from different culture is something I really love and enjoy. When it comes to hobbies I just have one and that is football. I love playing football, but with age I have started watching it more rather than playing. At this moment I can easily say I watch football way better than I ever played it. I am working towards learning and getting a good placement and that are the only goals I have for this year. In the remaining months in this university, I am living in the moment and trying my best to make them count.”

Ellena Parsons – iPhD Web Science

I’m part of the iPhD in Web Science, and my research focus is on how disadvantaged peoples are exploited online. Digital divides are a pressing issue globally, with many societies missing out on the benefits that technology can afford, particularly in terms of education and capital enhancement as a result of low rates of digital literacy. I hope to use my research to explore these issues, and ascertain how disadvantaged groups are suffering from primary and secondary digital divides which lead to their exploitation. I really enjoy working with the DigiChamps, as it gives me a chance to engage in journalism for the university, an area which I’ve always been keen to get into. The project has given me an opportunity to cover some highly interesting lectures and seminars, and I look forward to future opportunities!

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