Misato Yoshida: My First DigiChamp Experience

Author: Thomas Davidson 

Hello all, this is my first time posting on this blog as a DigiChamp member, and I would like to talk about my first experience working as a DigiChamp at the talk of Adrian Kingwell about his company Mezzo Labs and the career vision of web analytics.


First of all, as a new DigiChamp member, I have to thank DigiChamps Lisa Harris, Tom Davidson and Tom Rowledge for guiding me through the work of DigiChamps and making things set and clear for me. For my first work as a DigiChamp, I have carried out live tweeting throughout the talk. It was a new experience for me, as I have never done it before. It was also really fun to write down my thoughts in the moment and tweet right away, I hope my tweeting was not too boring though! Now that I look back on my tweets, I found out that there has been quite a lot of redundant of contents, many apologies. I would like to try my best to make it better next time.


The talk from Adrian Kingwell, the owner of Mezzo Labs, was inspiring in various ways. First of all, he introduced a different viewpoint about starting up a company. What is most important when starting up a company? Many would say, your ideas. However, Adrian Kingwell states that what’s important are not the ideas, but the attitudes and passions toward the career as an entrepreneur. He told us that when he started his company, the field of web analytics did not even exist. Thus, it was his passion rather than ideas that made him a successful entrepreneur. For those of you who struggle with ideas to start up a company, this may be alternative and interesting advice for you to consider. Secondly, he also points out when seeking employees, unlike many other employers, he seeks people who can proactive rather than reactive. He thinks that people who have the ability to act according to their thoughts and ideas would benefit and inspire the progress of web analytics both for the clients and agencies. As the requirements towards new employees change, proactive characteristics may become an important skill to nurture to make you employable upon graduation from University of Southampton.


Overall, I have really enjoyed the talk from Adrian Kingwell and working as a DigiChamp member. I’m excited to engage in many more activities and events working as a DigiChamp, and I hope I would improve my skill of communication as well as the usage of technology.  For more details about the talk from Adrian Kingwell, please visit to Tom Davidson’s blog post!


Thank you so much for reading this post, and I hope you enjoyed it!


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