A Career in Web Analytics

Author: Thomas Davidson 
One of the earlier slides in Adrian's Presentation
One of the earlier slides in Adrian’s Presentation

I think I’ve managed to a go week without writing a blog post for you all now, which is probably a good thing right?! (Un)fortunately for you all, I’m now back, and this time to talk about the recent talk at the Web Science Institute by Adrian Kingwell, entitled: “A Career in Web Analytics”.


Adrian Kingwell is Managing Director of Web Analytics company Mezzo Labs, based in London. As you may have gathered from the title of his talk, Adrian was talking about the world of Web Analytics, and specifically the potential job roles for many inside Mezzo Labs. The talk was recorded, which is worth a watch – here is a brief overview of the material covered.


Adrian started by giving us a bit of background of himself (an English graduate no less) and Mezzo labs (who are the UK’s largest independent Web Analytics firm). Mezzo Labs have a variety of clients, from banks and charities, to Universities and media firms, and by the sounds of what Adrian was saying that client base is going to grow even further! After the introduction, he explained the business of Web Analytics itself, breaking it down into easily digestible chunks which, for a topic that at first might appear daunting, made it incredibly simple. After starting the description of the field by saying, “we answer questions about marketing and help improve the performance of business”, everything else he spoke about seemed like a natural extension to me. He broke the field into four categories; Strategy, Data Collection, Analysis and Optimisation, and then concluded the talk by talking about the roles at Mezzo Labs, and examining the difference between working on client-side or as part of an agency.


It was an interesting talk for me, as it is always particularly refreshing to hear from someone who understands the power of Web Science as a discipline, especially when they have an entrepreneurial streak like myself. In fact, possibly my favorite bit of the talk came from the question and answer session at the end, where Adrian was asked what the difference was between working inside a recognisable and large company, as opposed to a smaller start-up like Mezzo. Adrian used this analogy, which I feel explains it beautifully;


“I think of it like a sailing boat. When I want to take to the water, I have one of two options. I can go on a big cruise ship, an ocean liner, where I can be stable and sure of myself, whilst slowly working my way to the top. Or I can take a little dinghy. Sure, I’m more likely to get wet, but I am much closer to the control, everything I do matters, and it is one hell of a ride!”


To close, I’d like to sign post a Storify complied from the live-tweeting of DigiChamps Tom Rowledge, Misato Yoshida and I, which you can find a link to below. This will hopefully compliment the recorded talk nicely. Briefly speaking to Adrian afterwards, I confessed to being one of the live-tweeters who had made his phone “buzz crazily” during the talk. However, after this, I wonder if Adrian’s phone will be buzzing not with notifications from Twitter, but with job applications?


Storify: https://storify.com/tomjdavidson/a-career-in-web-analytics

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