Caroline blog picMy name is Caroline and I’m a second-year History student at the University of Southampton. Even though I tend to specialise in medieval history I was interested in the Swaythling Great War project because of the type of research it will involve. I previously worked in archives looking at local history and it was something I really enjoyed. I’m looking forward to the opportunity of looking at history in this way again.

I’m also excited about the idea of working with the wider community and other students as part of this project. I know it’s going to be a different style of project to what I have done as part of my degree. But I also think it will be more beneficial to see how history can involve the wider public who are affected by the history of the area. Plus it’s always fun to learn more about the past of the area you live in and get to know other residents in the process!


Meet our students – Caroline goes from medieval to remount!

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