Access to SMP

Welcome to the splash-page for SMP.

In this project we have digitised many of the SMP books. We could do this because the copyrights are back at the University of Southampton.

We are happy to provide the scans/digitised books via both this website and a shared drive.

The only thing we ask of you is that we might ask you some initial questions about SMP, including the way forward, and at a later stage perhaps some questions about if and how you used the books.

  1. Please register here first and you well get the password for both the curriculum pages (still expanding) and the Google Drive with all the complete books.
  2. You can find the shared drive with complete books here.
  3. You can access the books mapped to the curriculum, in separate smaller parts, here [still being expanded].

We would like to request that you ask other people who are interested to come to this website, rather than send on any pdfs. We need to show the university that plenty of people still appreciate SMP and we can evidence this by hits, downloads and interested people!

At the moment, as ‘soft launch’ we have published several books under a ‘fair use’ policy. We assume that people who download the books will do so while fully referencing the original SMP authors, and the current source(s). Books may be used on a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International basis, so please don’t sell them or modify them. If you have some great ideas to do follow-up initiatives (for example, we would love to instigate a new Key Stage 3 book series! If you spot errors please let us know; it is after all a labour of love. As we house the whole archive, if you have any specific requests, let us know, preferably via