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On Rhythm: Technics, Culture, Capital

Edited by Paola Crespi (Goldsmiths, University of London) and Sunil Manghani (Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton)


Rhythm remains one of the most productive terms for critical enquiry into our social, political and cultural lives. References to temporality, flow, measure, pattern, variation and meter occur across a wide range of critical literatures concerned with the arts, philosophy, technology, critical theory and studies of the everyday. Yet, rhythm is rarely the site of examination itself, instead being in the service of wider critique. On Rhythm presents a set of new essays that explore and challenge our understanding of the term. It offers historical, philosophical and contemporary readings to further define rhythm as a critical term and mode of analysis, placing emphasis upon it as cultural technique and locating its significance for the everyday flow of capital.

Keywords: Aesthetics, Critical Theory, Cultural Analysis, Rhythm, Rhythmanalysis