Activity Diagram: The Flow of Activities and Actions of “MeetingOfMinds”

Activity diagrams are probably the most important UML diagrams for doing business modeling in software development, it is generally used to describe the flow of different activities and actions. These can be both sequential and in parallel. They describe the objects used, consumed or produced by an activity and the relationship between the different activities. [1]

This diagram ( click it to view in the bigger size ) displays the flow of activities of “MeetingofMinds” application, from the first step when a user sign-in to the application and use the different services provided until he decide to sign-out from the system. Thus, after user sign-in, he will be able to either view his profile, check the received notifications or news feed, or search in the users catalogue.  Consequently, based on the activity user decide to do in the system, the corresponding actions will be appearing.


[1]     “All You Need to Know About UML Diagrams: Types and 5+ Examples,” Tallyfy. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 28-Apr-2018].


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