Team Meeting on the 28 Feb 2018

A SWOT analysis. 

The team used a SWOT analysis tool to identify some of the potential strengths and weaknesses of the ‘MeetingofMinds’ project.  These would inform further stages of the project including research and design.

The results of this SWOT analysis are given below.

Structure of the Blog

Kholoud showed the team an example of a blog from a previous year.

The team agreed to use something similar. This would include:

  1. Similar categories/tags.
  2. Tabs to direct users to specific themes/topics (related to David Millards list of suggested activities and the lectures).
  3. The team would add high quality posts each week and:
  • These would reflect the breakdown of work within the team (e.g see project plan).
  • This material would be added to the google drive area, and then the blog site.

Other Actions from the Meeting

  • Ensure that the lectures directly inform the blog. 
  • Agree project plan.
  • Undertake desk top research on both user groups social network preferences, and any issues that need special consideration.
  • Draft survey both user groups (tutors and students) to understand what features do they consider would be useful for this app.

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