Team Meeting on the 14th Mar 2018


We are due to meet again as a team on the first Wednesday after the Easter break.

In the meantime, regularly check the google drive area, blog and new Whatsapp group that Kholoud has set up – for any up-to-date information

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Supanoot contacted the team during the meeting on the 14th March to say that she was caught up with other coursework.

Supanoot has changed the users setting on the blog, so Ema should now have access as an administrator.

Supanoot has been assigned tasks in the project plan, but needs to confirm that she is happy with these.   


Ema will work on the blog site and use an example from the previous year to decide categories and structure.

Along with Kholoud, she will work on the architectural side of the application prototype, including database design, technical requirements, mock-ups, application map diagram and tech demo.


To set up folder in google drive where we would put our individual posts for comments from the team, before publishing on the blog.

The team would be given 24 hours to respond once a draft post was put into this folder.

However, it should be noted that unless the post is specifically a collaboration between members of the group, each post will be identified with an individual.  It will therefore be up to the individual to check their work carefully and decide whether or not to accept comments from other members of the Team.

Kholoud would design a draft survey for users (about 2 sides of A4).  She would complete this by next Tuesday and ask the Team for comments.


To check out the ethics process for the University, as any survey will need to be approved through the ethics process. Nina would draft some initial documentation, and then pass this on to Kholoud who was leading on the design and delivery of the research.

As soon as the blog was ready, Nina would start publishing some of the work she had produced on the Google drive area.

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