Team Meeting on the 7th Mar 2018

Introduction to the Team Mentor

The team met our mentor (Sofia).

Sofia clarified that the project had to focus on a social network rather than any other type of platform.   The Team had to demonstrate clearly how it was creating a social network.

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The Blog

Supanoot organised for the team to all be users on the blog.

Once the blog structure was in place:

  1. The minutes of the team meetings and project plan would be added to the blog site.
  2. Each member of the team would also add their individual posts. These should be clearly named and identified with the individual.

Sofia made it clear that although the group would be marked as a whole, individual members could raise concerns if they felt that other people in the team were not contributing a fair amount of work.  As all the blogs would be identified with individuals, this would make visible what individuals were contributing to the project.


  1. Supanoot agreed to work on the structure of the blog using the example provided by Kholoud. 
  2. Ema and Kholoud could provide Supanoot with some additional support on this, if she needed it.
  3. The Team would put an initial welcome post onto the blog site.
  4. Individuals would do further work on research on ‘existing systems’.

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