The snow posts have have come to an end.

Coming to the UK in September, I saw the leaves of trees in red. They started to fall one by one and soon after, the trees looked about dead.

And it stayed that way for months so I eventually got used to that sight.

At some point, I wondered when spring would come because I wanted the cold to disappear. I checked the date and someone on the World Wide Web stated the 20th of March. But it snowed on the 18th.

“I guess spring never comes”

I was holed up in my room for most of the Easter break (the freezing cold brings out the inner hermit) and so my first walk back from the university after lectures re-started held surprises for me.

Flowers were blooming where I never thought could. I even wondered whether someone went all out to plant these flowers during the time I spent in hiding but they were just too many and everywhere that I threw away that thought some time later.

Staring into your soul with its peripheral vision.

Other than the sprouting of flowers, the end of Easter break also came with deadlines. Yes, it the time to hand in all the work you put your sweat and (lots of) tears into. This included the back-breaking, hand-cramping, insomnia, dark-circle-causing absolutely rewarding Individual Project report!

I currently have one more assignment to submit so cheers to myself.

While the flowers bloom, let’s not stay gloom!

At the site of the UKU University Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Nationals in Nottingham. Fields of gold laid out for some good Frisbee throwing.


Springing into action

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