George's Marvellous Medicine


List of Topics

1. Granny’s Cup of Tea

Today, Granny wants only one spoon of sugar in her tea. But how does the sugar dissolve into the water?

2. Granny’s Minibeast Menu

Worms, slugs and beetley bugs – this is what Granny likes to eat. Ugh! What other similar minibeasts can George find to give to Granny?

3. Fizz, Bang, Rainbow

George finds lots of things to put in his marvellous medicine – toothpaste, washing powder, even shoe polish! Mr Killy Kranky has asked George to remember the ingredients he put into the marvellous medicine. Maybe finding out the colour of the ingredients, whether they are acid or alkali, would help to recreate the medicine?

4. Electrocuting Granny

If the medicine doesn’t work, George could try electrocuting Granny. But what would George need to make electricity?