George's Marvellous Medicine


Key Words List

Battery – A source of power in a simple circuit.

Circuit – A path through which an electric current flows.

Classification – Organising living things into groups through identifying similarities.

Current – The flow of electrons around a circuit.

Dissolve – To become part of the liquid, making a solution.

Electricity – A form of energy.

Electrons – Small particles which are found in wires.

Habitat – The home of an animal.

Insoluble – Cannot dissolve in water.

Invertebrate – An animal which does not have a backbone.

Key – A tool used to work out which group a living thing belongs to.

pH – A measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance.

Reversible – Can be changed back into what it was before.

Science – A system of observation and experimentation used to learn how the world works.

Soluble – Can dissolve in water.

Solution – A liquid containing water and something else.

Universal Indicator – A liquid that can be used to show the pH of a substance by changing colour.

Vertebrate – An animal which does have a backbone.

Voltage – The push which allows electrons to move.