Advanced Devices by Electroplating (ADEPT)

Research on the ADEPT programme is carried out by a team of chemists, physicists, and electronic engineers, using state of the art facilities at the universities of Southampton, Nottingham and Warwick. The ADEPT team has been brought together to revolutionise the current state-of-the-art in fabrication of nanoelectronics by developing new ways to make important, technologically relevant materials, at the nanoscale.

We use electrodeposition to create materials for applications such as phase change memory, infrared sensing, and thermoelectric generation. Our nanofabrication specialists use the cleanroom at the Zepler Institute to create nanopatterned templates, allowing our materials to be deposited in precise locations on our devices. This technique is similar to the gold fingerprinting activity demonstrated in the Electrochemical Circus, where participants are able to use the naturally occurring oils on our fingers to template gold deposition around the fingerprint pattern.