Screenshot of a narrated powerpoint, a custom background appears behind the presenter.

For recorded lectures and presentations, some colleagues prefer to create narrated PowerPoint files.

You can include your webcam video in these types of recordings, this helps students to see you and your passion for your subject and helps to build a connection with your audience.

I received a ticket with a query about whether the background of the video could be blurred. I found that using the same technique I outlined for Collaborate works with PowerPoint recordings.

Use in PowerPoint

  1. First, open Snap Camera and choose a background.
  2. Open PowerPoint and start recording.
  3. Go to settings at the top right and expand Camera and select Snap Camera.
Screenshot that shows how to select Snap Camera as your camera when making a Narrated PowerPoint.
A screenshot that shows how to select Snap Camera as your camera when making a Narrated PowerPoint.

Now when you are recording yourself, your chosen alternate background appears behind you:

Screenshot showing the authors video within the powerpoint, but without the real background behind him, it has been replaced with an image.
In this example, I’m narrating my PowerPoint with my video on, and I appear to be in front of the University library, even though I’m at home in my spare room.

Uploading to Blackboard

Narrated PowerPoint files can get seriously large and will usually not be suitable to host directly in Blackboard. Instead, export the recording as an MP4 file and then upload the MP4 file to the Recorded Sessions section of your Blackboard course.

Virtual backgrounds when creating PowerPoint Recordings

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