DigiChamps Visit the BBC

The DigiChamps recently had the pleasure of visiting London for a private tour of the BBC Broadcasting House. We were invited by journalist Bill Thompson after our coverage of his lecture back in February. The group of us arrived at the BBC’s location and took a moment to take in the spectacular architecture of the building and the sites surrounding it.

BBC View

The tour began with a bit of the BBC’s history while walking through the old broadcasting house. Pictures of amazing collaborations with many historical figures bathed the walls and artifacts of the BBC’s early days were displayed prominently.

BBC History

We then spent some time at the BBC Academy to learn about some of their latest projects. Mr. Thompson discussed some of the very exciting work that the BBC is currently producing using the BBC archives. He then gave us a look at the inner workings of the BBC as we explored floors dedicated to the various BBC radio and television productions.


The day ended with chats regarding the future of the BBC, as well as shared thoughts and opinions on web science. As our final farewell to the BBC arrived, one determined DigiChamp made sure to snag a photo with the Dalek from Doctor Who!


Sincerest thanks to Bill for taking the time to show us around!


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