Using Digital Tools To Write a Dissertation…

An illustration from Sarah's blog.
An illustration from Sarah’s blog.

A couple of weeks ago, I handed in my dissertation.  In July, when I started, I remember posting on Facebook that I wasn’t sure if I could even do it….. and yet I managed it.  Like a good Web Science student, I used a range of digital tools because a) the dissertation has to be word processed, so it’s much easier to copy and paste from notes, or export your references in a format that can be copied into Word, and b) it’s really easy to have loads of tabs open and add notes to various places as you read and research.  Eventually, all those words will find their way directly or indirectly into your final essay, and if you’ve blogged about the process as well (which I did) you end up with an archive of material you can visit again or share with others, PLUS all your hard work is clearly visible – if you share it – with anyone who cares to look.

This morning, I wrote my own blog post on the process, and here it is…. it’s got some of my own drawings and everything…. 😀

If you want to start blogging yourself go to iSolutions’ WordPress Training page and follow the link to the course content (you’ll need to login using your University username and password).

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