#SxSC3 Goes down a Storm @GHSouthampton

Author: Gareth Beeston 

The day kicks-off with a fantastic introduction by our very own @doclorraine who explains the impact of digital businesses in the development of the digital economy. Following this, Dr. Lorraine Warren introduces the first of the dragons den pitches with @Cpheth presenting shortly.

Chris Phethean Presentation

Chris Phethean storms his presentation, showing the dragons a twitter profiler that uses analytics to scale the size and impact of a businesses use of twitter. This will assist the business in developing solid social media strategies and show them the true value of using such tools as Twitter. Following Chris, Caroline Halcrow, also from the @WebSciDTC shows us her idea related to producing MOOC communities online through a platform that integrates all MOOCs in the UK. It also focuses on bringing together MOOC users by using a proximity-based system that creates cohorts.

Subsequent presenters were Gary Wills, Julian Gee from http://www.its-about.me/site/candidateLogin, Benjamin Mawson from 3D Bare, Tony Cooke from #WaterWell, and Soumik Parida who presents an iOS app that allows the users to write in their own handwriting. All-round excellent presentations from the businesspeople giving great answers to the questions posed by the dragons.

Ladies of the Press P2-3

Next on the agenda was the all-important coffee break and networking session that gets the creative juices flowing over a traditional cup of english tea and coffee. Interviews of the presenters were performed during this session, with this content being available online soon.

Guest speakers followed in the next session with presentations from Jeremy Caine from @IBM, Alan Patrick from, and Sally Jane Norman from University of Sussex http://www.sussex.ac.uk/profiles/240005, and Alan Patrick, an entrepreneur who shared his wisdom about start-up businesses. All of which spoke about cutting-edge developments in digital business and creative industries and how many of the delegates could leverage these developments to aid their businesses.

Follow an outstanding warm lunch of amazing food, the competition winners were announced. In descending order the prize winners were as follows:

1st Prize: Benjamin Mawson took home the 1st prize that gave him a cheque of £7,000 towards his 3D Bare business, a local business from a PhD student @UniSouthampton.

2nd Prize: Gary Wills from Blu Point an outstanding digital business utilising innovative technologies.

3rd Prize: Tony Cooke from #WaterWell that presented an innovative idea of using digital technologies and water distribution.

Ladies of the Press P10-11

The prizes were announced by Dr. Alan Rae who followed up this session with an informative talk about his ventures as an entrepreneur through the dedication and encouragement of his wife back in 2004. One of his first businesses, with his wife, was a plant e-commerce site that distributed plants through courier services and maintained a high standard of service and cheaper products. He mentioned that many of the products were easy to distribute and the popular products were ones that aren’t indigenous to the United Kingdom, such as Olives and various Chillies.

The final workshop to end the day was from our very own prize winner, Benjamin Mawson, who gave a practical and informative lecture on his 3D Bare business idea. He mentions the opportunities involved with taking the installation to heritage sites to provide a binaural experience for all customers attending them. He also wants to take this to market by obtaining affiliation with various businesses up and down the UK.

All-in-all a fantastic day with many elements of business and a wide array of interesting and exciting ideas being chucked about the room. Many budding entrepreneurs exchanged business cards and ideas. The @ladiesotpress presented us with an arty and creative take on their fanzine which they produced and distributed through the event. Two of the pages from the fanzine can be seen above.

We look forward to seeing the future of business and technology and would like to welcome you back next year for #SxSC4.



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