One Big Day: Creative DigiFest 3

Author: Renaldo Bernard 

Today was the Creative DigiFest 3 event in Southampton at Grand Harbour Hotel.


Photos taken when it was just started,

The event began with the competition pitches by Chris Phethean first competition pitch

Chris Phethean Presentation

and Caroline Halcrow from Web Science, students here in University of Southampton. After that Gary Wills presented Blupoint an outstanding digital business utilising innovative technologies. And then Julian Gee showed us the best way to make a digital CV.


Ben Mawson while pitching to Dragons

Then Benjamin Mawson, PhD student from Southampton University talked to the dragons about 3D Sound – 3D Bare. Later,  Tony Cooke from University of Exeter pitch about an interesting concept water well – Thousands of people live in water stressed areas – Water is a huge risk, that presented an innovative idea of using digital technologies and water distribution.


Tony Cooke

After that the world leading speakers Alan Patrick, Jeremy Caine and Sally Jane Norman spoke. Jeremy Caine from IBM talked about Digital Integration, systems of engagement and the development of the web.

Jeremy Caine


Alan Patrick talked about creating value, business and planning model in digital media. Sally Jane Norman talked in her presentation about the arts and digital technologies, using a combination of digital technologies and the creative arts.

Alan Patrick while presenting


Later comes the most suspense moment, announcing the winner of the business planning competition. Time to know the winner, who wins the competition?

3rd prize: Tony Cooke, Waterwell,

then 2nd Prize: Gary Wills Blue Point

and Finally the Winner!

1st Prize: Benjamin Mawson 3D Bare


Talking about Benjamin Mawson, The Winner!


In his own words:

Benjamin Louis Mawson, Composer and Virtual Performance Developer‏. Working to make music composed in the digital studio come alive through motion-tracked real-time interactivity, using 3DBARE.

Ben’s most recent work has included sound effects for a London stage production of Bulgakov’s “Heart of a Dog” (simulating Moscow 1920s streets and domestic interiors) and the Cotswold Motoring Museum (vintage motor racing audio in surround sound in the new exhibition space).

Recent compositional work and his PhD thesis are about how composition in the digital studio can be made to simulate acoustic music impossible for human hands: doing things that seem to be happening but aren’t, creating music you can walk inside and investigate like a physical structure, augmenting the auditory reality of a place.

He is currently working on a commission from New Dimensions (funded by Hampshire County Council) to build a community-based immersive audio portrait of Gosport, South East Hampshire, interpreting, depicting, augmenting the acoustic history and present of this pivotal historic port town.

Ben is working on ways to present music created in the digital studio so the experience is continually changeable, impossible to hear the same way twice. These include multi-room speaker installations, GPS-based tracking with noTours software and wireless head-tracking (3DBARE) for listeners in an interior space – Music You Can Walk Inside.

This is the story of The Creatie DigiFest 3 Winner, Waiting for knowing the next Winner of Creative DigiFest 4, Thanks for all world leading speakers who came and talked to us giving insight about digital business and business technology and hope to attend the next Creative DigiFest event.

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