What an Art! #NAOMB is an absolute hit

Author: Gareth Beeston 

The New Art of Making Books Conference (#NAOMB) was an absolute hit, showing the amazing variety in which a ‘book’ can be presented. Danny Aldred (@danny_aldred) kicks off the conference with a few perspectives on books, giving an insight into what be constituted as a book, determining the parameters of the norms and anti-norms. David Gauntlett (@davidgauntlett) takes to the stage posing a solid and thought-provoking question: “What is a Book?”. This question provided the context to which the rest of the day was placed in, challenging the norms of ‘the book’.

Following this many other speakers took to the stage talking about their different criteria for what can be constituted as a book and other related research projects which they have undertaken, including typography and front cover research. David Pearson (@typeasimage) presents a view of front cover designs from the perspective of Penguin books, whom he works for. A small confession was announced on his behalf, saying that he sometimes spends the night in the Penguin (@PenguinUKbooks) archive because of the huge variety, which it holds.

The conference departed for lunch offering up a great combination of buffet food and gourmet sandwiches. This was also a chance to network with the researchers and practitioners to discover new parameters for determining what a book actually consists of. Numerous speakers including after lunch provided a multiplex of perspectives on book making including a ‘bank book’, a book made of QR codes and a book which noted only the code of a picture which needed to be manually put into a computer to see what the image is.

The vast array of books and book ideas provided an amazing insight into the theory of books and book creation, paving the way for new areas of research in this ‘digital age’ of book-making.

Programme available @ http://www.book-lab.org/programme.html

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