Some of the research being undertaken by the Centre for Workforce Welbeing:

Survive and Thrive. Exploring the wellbeing of doctors in a post Covid 19 era: a Core Outcome Set to measure wellbeing. ISRCTN registered. Take the survey here.

Systematic Review: Which wellbeing measures have been used in doctors? Prospero ID 141866.

Exploring the wellbeing of doctors: Surveys and interviews.  n=250 surveys and n=21 interviews completed by doctors of all grades and specialities across three NHS Trusts. Further information available on the ISRCTN Registry: ISRCTN 11949327

Measuring wellbeing in doctors: an expert Delphi study. Comet Registered: 1384.  Round 1 completed (n=32) by experts. More information available at:

Thriving, not just surviving: a Core Outcome Set to measure wellbeing in medical students in a post-Covid 19 era. Awaiting ethical approval.

Called to Serve: The experience of final-year medical students during Covid-19 and beyond. Commenced 15 April 2020 – ERGO number 56024.