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Seminars 2013-2014

¬†We’re currently planning this year‚Äôs Centre for Archaeology of Human¬†Origins seminar series after the great success of the¬†series last year.¬† Thanks again to all those speakers from 2012-13 and to see the range and quality of last year check out the past events on the seminars page.¬† Thanks must go to the¬†Humanities Graduate School¬†for funding of the series last year. Keep checking in to see who and when speakers are presenting. Continue reading →

Charting celebrity

I have been discovering how Google NGRAM can answer all sorts of niggling questions about fame, celebrity and novelty . What it does is search the 5 million books that have been digitised between 1500 and 2000. This adds up to about 4 per cent of all the books published and a staggering 500 billion words. By any standards this is a big sample. Continue reading →

Clive Gamble and others at ‘Question time; The Brain and Society’ at #MDRWeek

More than 120 people attended ‚ÄėQuestion Time: The Brain & Society‚Äô, (incl. 40 6th Formers) during this year's fabulous Multidisciplinary Research Week. Really fascinating series of short talks followed by debate. Including contributions by Professor Alex Neill, Professor Hazel Biggs, Professor Tom Lynch, Professor Paul Roderick, Professor Clive Gamble and Dr Cheryl Hawkes. Continue reading →

Ice Age Art and the question of sex

There are many old friends in the British Museum‚Äôs must-see Ice Age Art exhibition. As a research student in the early 1970s I worked for several months in the Ulmer Museum in southern Germany. Every day on my way into the storerooms to measure more Palaeolithic reindeer teeth I passed the ivory statuette of the L√∂wenmensch, the Lion-headed-man. There was less of him in those days. His muzzle had not yet been handed in and big chunks of his back were missing. Continue reading →


8th March Dr. Rob Hosfield University of Reading, UK ¬† ¬† ¬† “Walking in a winter wonderland? Mid-latitude seasonal mobility options in the Lower Palaeolithic” ¬† ¬†Abstract: Any occupation of northern Europe by Lower Palaeolithic hominins (H. heidelbergensis/proto-Neanderthals, and H. erectus and/or antecessor?) must have addressed the challenges of marked seasonality and cold winters, primarily during ‚Äėinterglacial‚Äô MIS. Continue reading →

Christmas Seminar

¬† 7th December, Christmas Lecture ¬† Dr. William Davies ¬† CAHO, Southampton ¬† “Fifty shades of mobility and behavioural modernity: the ties that bind” ¬†I shall explore the potential effects of individual and group mobility on the transmission of ideas.¬† How are innovations transmitted in these situations, and what implication does this mobility have for the manifestation of traits of ‚Äúbehavioural modernity‚ÄĚ (art, personal ornament, music, etc. Continue reading →

CAHO Seminar Series 2012-11-05 17:11:20

9th November, Wymer Lab (Archaeology Building 65a, Avenue Campus) The second CAHO seminar will be given by Professor Uzy Smilansky from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel   “Computer-based documentation and analysis of stone artefacts in 3D” This talk will review recent work carried out at the Computerized Archaeology Laboratory at the Hebrew University (Jerusalem) together with Dr Leore Grosman and others. Continue reading →