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Update from Tanzania by Dr. John McNabb: A postcard from Africa 3

Today (Thursday 1st May) is a national holiday in Tanzania so James and I had a more relaxed day visiting the galleries of the National Museum of Tanzania. The museum is an impressive place with really up to date galleries on human evolution and rock art. I took a lot of photos which will make their way into my lectures. The ethnographic collection also impressed me with the range and variety of material on display, reflecting Tanzania‚Äôs rich cultural heritage both past and present. Continue reading →

Update from Tanzania by Dr. John McNabb: A Postcard from Africa

Saturday was a really memorable day. We finally got to see the Isimila Acheulean site. I‚Äôd been reading about it for decades so I was very excited and James, who told me he had been literally dreaming about the place for years, was like a kid on Christmas Eve. It‚Äôs the rainy season at the moment and Tanzania is very green, particularly in the highlands. The mountains and kopjes are blanketed in forest and dense thorn bush. Continue reading →

Update from Tanzania by Dr John McNabb

A few months ago CAHO was invited to form a collaboration through Dr James Cole of the University of Brighton (James is a CAHO alumni) and Dr Pastory Bushozi of the University of Dar-es-Salaam. The project is to re-examine the famous Acheulean site of Isimila in Tanzania. Picture taken from Dr James Cole twitter feed (@JamesColeArch) So James and I flew out on the 23rd of April to meet Pastory and to plan our campaign at Isimila. Continue reading →

CAHO Christmas Lecture

  Dear all, We are pleased to announce that the annual CAHO Christmas Lecture will be given by dr Penny Spikins from the University of York. In the spirit of ¬†the festive season she will talk about:¬†Angels or Demons?:¬† Can the archaeological record tell us what motivated our earliest ancestors?¬†For more details please see the abstract below. The lecture will take place on 12 December (Thursday) 2014 at 4pm in the Wymer Lab, bld 65a, Avenue Campus. Wine and mince pies will be served. Continue reading →

First CAHO Seminar this Friday!

    The first CAHO seminar of the new academic year will be given by our own John “Mac” McNabbwho will talk about the new site that him and his team have been working on this summer. This is really exciting as it represents the first major Lower Palaeolithic site in Greece, so don’t miss out! You can read up on it¬†here. Title: ¬†”Recent work on Lesvos, the Lower Palaeolithic of Greece.” Place: Wymer Lab. Time: this Friday, 25 October, at 5 p.m. Continue reading →