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The Portus MOOC and Southampton Alumni

Portus Field School team 2013 (on flickr) I am very keen that the Portus MOOC engages with University of Southampton alumni. In part I hope that this is a way to say thank you for their input to the University, both as students and more recently, by providing a free way for them to continue learning with us. But I also see these alumni as bringing a different perspective to the MOOC cohort. Continue reading →

Broadcast of Rome’s Lost Empire and Portus Online Learning in 2014

Viewers in the UK will be able to watch a documentary focused on Portus tonight. The documentary called Rome’s Lost Empire will be on BBC Four at 9:45pm GMT: “Dan Snow attempts to use the latest satellite technology to reveal the secrets of the Roman Empire. Together with space archaeologist Sarah Parcak, Dan sets out to identify and then track down lost cities, amphitheatres and forts in an adventure that sees him travel through some of the most spectacular parts of the vast empire. Continue reading →

Portus Field School 2014: 22 June–13 July 2014

Further details of the Portus Field School 2014 hare now available, and registration is open. The Field School offers a combination of hands on practical training and academic content. The academic content of the programme is primarily concerned with Roman imperial history and material culture, with a particular reference to archaeology of the Tiber delta and Rome. Continue reading →

Symposium at Rochester: Contemporary Themes in 3D Archaeological Computing

I am going to be speaking on December 4th 2013 at a symposium on 3d digital archaeology. The symposium, organised by Renato Perucchi and Elizabeth Colantoni at the University of Rochester, will discuss state-of-the-art multidisciplinary issues bridging the humanities and the applied sciences related to 3D modeling, visualization, and analysis including engineering evaluations of complex archaeological structures and data. Continue reading →

ACRG member moves to University of York

Gareth digging at Basing House, Summer 2013. ACRG member, Gareth Beale, has been appointed as Research Fellow at the University of York. Gareth will be based at the Centre for Digital Heritage. In his post as Research Fellow, Gareth will manage and share the coordination of a new international collaboration in Digital Heritage between the Universities of York, Aarhus, Leiden and Uppsala. Continue reading →

First presentation of Portus Field School and Portus MOOC digital plans

On 15 May Fiona Harvey, Lisa Harris and myself presented at the HEA Changing the Learning Landscape event. During this event I presented first thoughts on the digital aspects of the Portus Project Field School and on the planning of the Portus MOOC. At that stage we were not certain of the scale of the MOOC to be produced, hence “mini-MOOC”. Continue reading →

Clive Gamble and others at ‘Question time; The Brain and Society’ at #MDRWeek

More than 120 people attended ‘Question Time: The Brain & Society’, (incl. 40 6th Formers) during this year's fabulous Multidisciplinary Research Week. Really fascinating series of short talks followed by debate. Including contributions by Professor Alex Neill, Professor Hazel Biggs, Professor Tom Lynch, Professor Paul Roderick, Professor Clive Gamble and Dr Cheryl Hawkes. Continue reading →

#CAAPerth Day Four

<Live blog> 11:38 Interesting to get statistics on usage in the field next season – can get at issues then of serendipitous discovery perhaps. Also discussion of potential impact (good and bad) on evolving archaeology on the site of accessing information before it has been in some way checked or otherwise curated. Also is the immediacy of connection between the field and the spceialists. This relates to ongoing work on fieldwork ethnographies as part of the RCUK Patina Project. Continue reading →