Meet the Team – Lizzie Richley

What you are going to be doing at Basing House?

Lizzie Richley, at an archery competition.

Lizzie Richley, at an archery competition.

I am going to be heading up the geophysics and survey work undertaken during the project and will be teaching the techniques as well as discussing the importance of these techniques in archaeology and how they benefit and help preserve the archaeological resource.

What you are hoping to experience at Basing House?

I’m hoping to experience a fun and enjoyable excavation at Basing House with lots of tea, biscuits, sandwiches and banter.  It is an opportunity for me to continue the work that was started during the field school during the easter holiday with the undergraduate geophysics and survey students from the University of Southampton…and if I’m lucky I might be able to have a dig around in a trench.

What’s the unique thing that attracts you to Basing House?

The complete mixture of archaeology that has been found there, from the prehistoric (I recall a rather nice hand axe being passed around during the field schools) to civil war battle site and much more between.

What you do when you’re not at Basing House?

Sit in front of a computer processing a mountain of geophysics data and researching my PhD on 3D geophysical data integration and visualisation at Portus techniques whilst chatting incessantly about squash (the racket sport not the drink), archery and which cakes I’m going to attempt to bake next.

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