Meet the Team – Dave Allen

Dave Allen, Keeper of Archaeology

Dave Allen, Keeper of Archaeology

Dave’s Biography

Dave began his digging career in Wales, working on Iron Age hillforts at the Breiddin and Moel y Gaer, and a range of sites in the BrenigValley.  Forays into England included Gussage All Saints and a season at Hambledon Hill.  He also fitted in four years fieldwork in his native Buckinghamshire.

He has been looking after the Hampshire County archaeology collections for more than 30 years.  For twenty of them he was also Curator at Andover, helping to put together the Museum of the Iron Age, which brought with it the opportunity to dig at Danebury and Danebury Environs sites.

Work with the Museums’ Service has included excavations at Basing House, OdihamCastle and Beaulieu Abbey, nearly all episodes of which are published!

Dave’s most exciting moment at Basing…

The unearthing of a severed head in the postern gate in 1991 – and the discovery (by Alan Turton, former site manager) of the makers’ marks inside the lead window cames from the Grange excavation (2000) which dated the construction of the post-Civil War house to 1677.

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